Hobart 2022 Wrap Up

The New Workplace Destination

Forget the future of work. Hybrid working is “full stop the future” said disruptive strategist Holly Ransom. Hybrid working is “shifting the way we connect and certainly how we do business”. What does that future look like?

Most organisations will no longer pile people into cubicles from nine to five. “But what do they do when they aren’t collaborating? What do they do in between meetings? When does the work get done?,” asked Kevin George, executive general manager for Dexus’ office portfolio. These were good questions – and no algorithms can answer it.

“Right-sizing” the office experience for the people who did want to be there was a good place to start, said Woods Bagot director Sarah Kay. This would mean devoting a greater percentage of floor space to collaboration, social activity and connection.

Generation Z will drive demand for this new way of working. IWG’s country head Damien Sheehan pointed to research of 1,000-plus Gen Zs. “Forty-two per cent would forgo a pay rise to secure hybrid work,” he said. Around half would forego a week’s annual leave.

The key takeaway? Hybrid work is not a real estate strategy. It’s a people strategy.

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