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Hobart 2022

Demographics of a New Decade

Last year, Australia witnessed its first annual population decline since World War I. If demographics are destiny, what does this mean for property? Demographer Simon Kuestenmacher and urban designer and social entrepreneur Jessica Christiansen-Franks had a few ideas… 1. Market to Millennials: Australia was looked towards 2030 with a population of 29.9 million people pre-pandemic, …

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The E-Commerce Revolution

In 2027, Generation Z will become Australia’s “lead consumer”, said Trent Rigby, director of Retail Oasis said. This cohort “doesn’t know a world without the iPhone or the internet”. What does this mean for the future of retail? Every retail or logistics business must start with a “digital first” strategy, Rigby said. The digital native …

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Championing Change

Representation of women in leadership positions across the industry has risen to 44.8 per cent – so the Property Champions of Change has zeroed in on two ‘tough spots’: capital transactions and leasing. To tackle the tough spots, a new ‘Pitch Pledge’ was unveiled by chief executive of CBRE’s Pacific advisory business Phil Rowland, Office …

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The View From The Top

Two years into a global pandemic, Australia’s property industry is facing into a host of headwinds: supply chain shocks, labour shortages, interest rate rises and geopolitical uncertainty among them. Our panel of industry heavy hitters had some tips for leaders looking at the horizon. Our powerhouse panel agreed that Australia’s property industry is facing a …

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The Great Urban Reset

Urbanisation is a greater force than infectious disease, …said acclaimed urbanist Richard Florida. But the city as we know it is changing and that brings big opportunities… 1. Collaborative hubs: Knowledge workers don’t want a place to work, they want an experience and a place to “collaborate, problem-solve and socialise”. The best workplaces will deliver inspiring …

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