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Kate Evans

Evolving our Understanding of Inclusion Masterclass
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Kate Evans

Group Executive People & Culture, Marketing & Customer Experience
SHAPE Australia 

Kate has worked in the construction industry for more than 15 years and is a member of the Group Executive team at SHAPE Australia, a national fitout and construction services specialist. 

Responsible for the People & Culture, Marketing and Customer Experience functions of the business, Kate provides strategic direction to drive employee engagement, enhance customer satisfaction and achieve business goals. 

Specialising in leadership development and organisational culture, Kate is passionate about working with leaders to create an inclusive work environment where people can thrive. 

Kate has a simple philosophy when it comes to business strategy: “value people and culture above all else, and commercial results will follow”. Since improving its leadership capabilities and developing a constructive culture, SHAPE Australia has seen an increase in every business performance metric, including profit, customer satisfaction and employee retention.