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Q&A with Daniel Afonso on Workplace Design & Build | NPM

What does a successful partnership look like to you?

Our approach to everything we do, is to look beyond transactions and establish long-lasting relationships. Taking this approach, we’ve established partnerships with some of the most well-known names in property today.

We all know that trust is the foundation of a strong partnership, but trust is earned, and it takes time.

Our belief is that by setting a clear and motivating vision, being transparent, humble in service to our shared objectives, and challenging each other openly, that we can establish an unceasing commitment to work through challenges, to learn and to grow together.

What are the most common problems that need to be solved when you are co-designing a new workplace with a partner?

We believe people matter, our purpose is to create places that encourage them to thrive, connect, collaborate, and allow them to belong. Starting with the human elements of a new workplace inevitably yields the best long-term results as the end users of a space need it to suit how they work on a daily basis.

There are constraints with every project, which are often down to available time and budget, and it is our role to guide our customers on how to get the best value from their resources and to generate solutions that achieve their goals.

Our agile team form expert project groups to suit the bespoke needs of each individual project, bringing together customer partnerships, design, estimating and project management ensuring that objectives, creativity and delivery are aligned to exceed expectations every time.

How do you work with partners to future proof their workplace design/build?

“Be curious” is one of our core values, says Daniel Afonso NPM’s CEO, and this is something that we bring to every workplace project, “We partner with our customers to truly understand their business challenges, opportunities, culture and vision for the future”.

Our team are also constantly scanning the Australian and International commercial landscape for macro and industry specific trends that can benefit our customers.

People have become accustomed to change, which has been exponentially increased in the post-pandemic period. The question is, have workplaces responded, and can we take this opportunity to front foot further changes?

We look at design over the long term and partner with our customers to adapt their initial fit out to respond to changes in organisational structure, culture and employee behaviour.

“As we’re tuned in to our customers, it can be extremely easy for us to respond to their workplace needs and make strategic recommendations to save time and cost in the long term” says Matthew Papandrea, NPM’s Chief Revenue Officer.


What workplace project are you most proud of, and why was it successful?

“It’s hard to put a finger on any particular project” says Daniel Afonso, “However we are very proud of the long-standing partnerships we have with our customers”.

“We have been delivering projects for Dexus for over ten years now and are extremely proud of our continual performance and reputation as a trusted partner”.

How are you managing current talent shortages to deliver your partners’ projects on time and within budget?

We have invested over a long period of time to build a strong and engaging culture that attracts top talent from the industry and have a strong leadership team and advisory board that continue to pursue excellence in becoming the best place to work.

Our organisational culture is inclusive, energetic and caring and we seek people that care about each other and about delivering for our customers.

Our progressive team are always looking for ways to grow and innovate, and in doing so benefit the company, our customers, and the community.

We provide the opportunity to collaborate on high profile jobs and be part of a high performing team with a great culture. We enjoy perks like flexible working, social and wellbeing programs, and career development opportunities; but we know our team most value the opportunity to be heard, be challenged and to work closely with an engaged leadership team.

We encourage a professional environment in which our people are challenged to do their best. Curiosity, ambition, and ownership are all traits that we promote.

With this approach we have been extremely successful in recruitment and have continued to deliver for our customers during and post-pandemic.




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