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Raynuha Sinnathamby

Raynuha Sinnathamby is Springfield City Group’s Managing Director.

A solicitor by trade, Raynuha holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law degrees and also a Masters of Business Administration.

In February 2013, Raynuha was appointed Managing Director of the Springfield City Group.  Over the years, Raynuha has been closely involved in the building of the Greater Springfield City, now the fourth fastest growing statistical local area in the country.

Raynuha has been a previous past president of the Queensland division of the Property Council and currently sits on the Property Council Management Committee and Division Council.

In 2018 Raynuha received the University of Queensland Vice-Chancellor’s Alumni Excellence Award for her role in promoting the role of women in the property industry.  Raynuha has also served on the Leadership Council for Cultural Diversity and the Premiers Business Advisory Council.  She currently serves on the Committee for Brisbane Advisory Council and the USQ Business Advisory Council.