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The Great Urban Reset

Urbanisation is a greater force than infectious disease,

…said acclaimed urbanist Richard Florida. But the city as we know it is changing and that brings big opportunities…

1. Collaborative hubs: Knowledge workers don’t want a place to work, they want an experience and a place to “collaborate, problem-solve and socialise”. The best workplaces will deliver inspiring experiences, reinforce brand, support health and wellbeing, and encourage young talent.

2. Remote ready: A fifth of people who consider themselves as “remote workers” will do so from outside their own home, 26 per cent in a coworking space, another 24 per cent in a cafe or restaurant or other third space, Richard said. “This idea that people will remain the house in their PJs is a big misunderstanding.” This will drive demand for “vibrant remote work ecosystems” in suburbs and rural areas.

3. Central connectivity districts: Our central business districts can transform into “something better” than they once were. The phrase ‘live, work, play’, which Richard helped to coin in the 1990s, missed a crucial factor: connection. The property industry’s challenge is to transform its offices into “live work neighbourhoods” with connection at their core.

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